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    "Another happy Customer"
We just wanted to give a shout out to an amazing staff at Ed Learn Ford to Drew for give us a great deal you rock, for John Carlo for an amazing Sales guy and for Mariella and Peter for making the money part of it happen and being able to come in on Saturday July 4, 2014 in the morning and drive off the lot in our new car was amazing and we love our new car and we also got a hand shake from Ed Learn himself we felt like royalty. Take Care John and Sandy Gerl. ( We bought the 2014 Ford Focus 2014 sports model)

"Nice words from another happy customer"

I am writing to express appreciation for the way my purchase of my 2012 Lincoln was handled.

I purchased the car on Thursday December 19th from the salesman Mark Lee assisted by Used Vehicle Manager Bob Urquhart. I asked for delivery the next day as I was leaving on Sunday to drive to Columbus Ohio for Christmas and then on boxing day would continue to drive to our condo in Bonita Springs Florida where I would stay until April. I traded a 2007 Ford Edge that I had  purchased from the dealership about 4 years previously.

I picked up the car on Friday afternoon and Peter Mingay gave us and excellent cook's tour of the all of the bells and whistles.

On Saturday December 21st while driving the car the GPS screen went blank. I thought that I had touched an incorrect button but I could not get it to display anything.

 About 3:30 I went to the dealership to get help. There were few people around as the dealership was having their Christmas party that evening.

Peter Mingay attempted to fix the problem but to no avail.

Ron Alderson called a mechanic back to have a look at the problem. The mechanic - I do not know his name but he certainly knew what he was doing in his attempts to solve the problem -including changing the computerized unit from two other Lincolns. Finally about 6pm they indicated that they would try again in the morning. I suggested that since I had to leave the next day, that they just give my Ford Edge back, cancel my cheque and I would be on my way. No hard feelings. We agreed to wait to see what could be done on Sunday morning.

 Sunday morning about 10:30 Ron Alderson called to say that the mechanic had not been able to correct the problem and that the part would need to be ordered.

Ron gave me some options:

1.     The dealership would give me back my Ford Edge and refund my cheque and could be on my way to Columbus and Florida.

2.     The part would be ordered but given Christmas week, boxing day etc. the car would not likely be ready until the end of the week.

3.     Ron would give us Drew Donoghue's new Ford Escape to drive to Columbus

4.     When the Lincoln was repaired, the dealership would deliver it to us in Columbus or Florida.

5.     Ron indicated that they were prepared to deliver the car to us in Columbus at the end of the week or in Florida

             This would mean that we would have to stay in Columbus perhaps until Saturday instead of leaving for Florida on Thursday.

 My wife and I decided to accept the offer to deliver the car to Columbus, hopefully by Friday but likely not until Saturday.

 I went to the dealership and gave Ron and Drew my contact numbers, and left with the Ford Escape.

 On Friday morning December 27th Drew called me in Columbus to say that the part would be delivered sometime during the day.

At 6pm he called to say that the part had been installed and everything looked OK. There was a driver prepare to leave for Columbus and he should be there about midnight.

 Just before midnight the driver and his wife arrived with the Lincoln, we switched cars and he was on his way-I forget his name but he did an excellent job. Actually he was disappointed that we had not taken delivery in Florida!

 The next morning we left and drove the Lincoln to Bonita Springs.

 I just wanted to outline the care, and genuine concern that was shown by all involved in this escapade.

No one could have asked for more.

My wife and I are very appreciative for all that was done to solve the problem and to make sure our travel plans were as minimally disrupted as possible.

At no time was anyone anything more than helpful.

I would request that this story be passed along to Ed Learn so that he could be aware of the fine work of his staff.

 Many thanks


Art and Jacqueline Wing

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Another Happy Customer

"Nice words from a happy customer"

Wanted to take a moment and send off an email that I'd appreciate you forwarding to whomever is the owner/boss there (does Ed Learn really exist?).


Both myself (and my wife) appreciate the extra steps you've taken in getting us this new car; from picking up the trade-in's on different days so convenient for us, to dropping off personal items we've forgotten in the cars.  It definitely goes above and beyond.  Having purchased a few cars in my lifetime directly from BMW and Mercedes, I have to say that we've yet to see the type of customer service you (and team) provided.

With that in mind, this Spring we'll be looking for a new car for my wife (lease is up on her GLK) and will certainly reach out to you before anyone else.

Thanks again for a great experience - the car is absolutely perfect!



"Another Happy Customer"

Sales Consultant: AJ Langendoen (left), from Ed Learn Ford Lincoln, Congratulating Jonathan Brouwer for his new 2016 Ford Fussion Puchase.

"Another Happy Customer"


Sales Consultant: Patrick Kiermacz,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

Brenda and Tim Lea taking possession of there new 2013 Ford Edge SEL 

Sales Consultant: Natasha Cotroneo,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

Patrick delivering a new focus to Bill.  Thanks for shopping with us Bill.

Sales Consultant: Patrick Kiermacz,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

Matthew Dilks picking up his new Ford Mustang

Sales Consultant: Bill Learn,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

Steve and Cass Paxton picking up their new F150 from AJ.

Sales Consultant: AJ,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

Sales Consultant: Patrick Kiermacz,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

James Dickinson is the proud new owner of a 2013 Ford Focus Titanium hatchback from Ed Learn Ford Lincoln.

Sales Consultant: Natasha Cotroneo,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

Vivan Soltes taking possession of her new Fusion with Jim Brickell 

Sales Consultant: Jim Brickell,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

Clyde Rogers taking delivery of his new Mustang!!! 

Sales Consultant: AJ,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

Hassan Syed is shown here taking delivery of a new 2013 Ford F150 on behalf of NOTL Hydro. 
"Thanks for all your help with our vehicle purchase. The F150 drives nice like your competitors Cadillac ".

Sales Consultant: Andrew Martin,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

"Another Happy Customer"

All smiles as Stephen Walker takes delivery of his new 2014 Ford Mustang from Natasha Cotroneo.


Sales Consultant: Natasha Cotroneo,Ed Learn Ford Lincoln

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